The world’s most advanced data governance platform combining natural language processing, machine learning & blockchain

Know your data. Secure your data

Our Vision

Do you have large stores of text documents built up over time? Do these documents contain sensitive customer or employee information or your precious intellectual property? Do you know which files and folders contain these files? Are your Active Directory permissions and groups complex and layered from many revisions and different approaches? Are you worried about insiders scouting out the documents inside your network? Are you planning or rolling out Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP)?The Getvisibility Focus product uses Deep Learning AI for data classification, risk analysis, anomaly detection and alerting. Get visibility of your sensitive data automatically, and track new data as it is created, soon to include end-user devices. We also use blockchain for unstructured data lineage, allowing you to provide trusted proof of your data governance – contact us to discuss this advanced feature.

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